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Q. Does it cost anything to be a Club President?
A. No. There are no fees associated with being a Club President. In fact, we provide a portion of the registration fees to Club Presidents so they can cover basic costs of hosting their meetings, such as materials for games, guest speaker thank you gifts, and light refreshments. Upon approval, Club Presidents will receive a packet that includes a simple budget form and will work with their AGF Team Member to make sure there are no required out-of-pocket expenses for their meetings.

Q. What happens after I submit an application for Club President?
A. Our team will review the application for pre-approval and get back to you via email within a week. If you've been pre-approved, the email will include a calendar link to schedule a video chat with your AGF Team Member. Your parent/guardian must be present for the chat. During the chat we'll talk about the level of commitment required and answer any questions. If we all agree it's a good fit, and the parent/guardian approves, the applicant will be given the go ahead to start a club. 

Q. Why does an applicant and her parent/guardian have to have a video chat with an AGF Team Member?
A. Clubs are held across the country in girls' homes, so it's essential that our team members meet our potential Club Presidents to make sure they are serious about the commitment and excited to participate. We also need to confirm that their parent/guardian approves and will be supportive throughout the process. 

Q. How many members should a Club have?
A. While there is no minimum requirement, Club Presidents should aim for 15-20 Club Members in order to have fun, engaging meetings. The more members a club has, the better the outcome, and the easier it is to find guest speakers who are willing to come and talk to the group.

Q. Are guest speakers paid?
A. Guest speakers are not paid, however we budget in a small gift for the speaker as a thank you from the Club President and Members.

Q. Can a Club President have help from other girls to plan and run meetings?
A. Yes. A Club President can assign officers, such as Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer; there can even be Co-Presidents. We will work with you to help you form a club that works well for your needs and the size of the club.

Q. Is this something colleges and employers want to see on applications and resumes?
A. Yes. Being an AGF Club President looks great under "extra-curriculars" on college applications and resumes. It shows you took the initiative to start a club, recruit members, plan meetings, and see it all through, displaying strong leadership, communication, and event planning skills.

Q. If I'm approved to be a Club President, what comes next?
A. After approval, your AGF Team Member will email you a packet that outlines the next steps, and will stay in contact with you to help you through the entire process. Your AGF Team Member will always be available to answer questions and support you along the way.

Q. What are the Hot Topics a Club President can choose from for her meetings?
A. AGF Hot Topics include: 

  • Bullying/Cyberbullying
  • Stress & Mental Health
  • Media & Body Image
  • Navigating Social Media
  • Healthy Friendships/Relationships
  • Self-Defense/Violence Prevention
  • Substance Abuse
  • Community Service/Activism
  • Academic & Career Planning

Q. Why are meetings held in the Club President's home instead of at school?
A. Authentic Girl Clubs are designed a bit differently than school clubs. Our meetings are more like quarterly events and run about 90 minutes long, whereas most school club meetings are held during lunch with well under an hour for the meeting, and are held more frequently. Authentic Girl Clubs are part meeting, part event, part party!

Q. If I can't host meetings in my home or community room, can I start an Authentic Girl Club at my school?
A. Possibly. Your school will need to give the okay first, and you will need to make modifications to the meeting format in order to fit the meetings in during lunchtime. After-school meetings would provide more time if the school will allow it. We will work with you and do what we can to try and make it possible.

Q. As a Club President, can I hold more than four meetings per year?
A. Yes. You can hold more meetings if your time, schedule, and budget allows. You can discuss those details with your AGF Team Member.

Q. Do Club Presidents get a discount on your Journals?
A. Yes. All Club Presidents will receive a special discount code for 50% off all Journals on our website.

Q. As a Club President, does my Instagram account have to be public?
A. No, your Instagram account is not required to be public in order to be a Club President.

Q. I'm currently an AGF Ambassador. Can I apply to become a Club President, too?
A. Yes. Girls can hold various positions with us at the same time, including Ambassador, Club President, and Intern.


Q. Why are there registration fees?
A. Club Members pay a nominal registration fee in order to help us cover costs for meetings and administrative time. Authentic Girl Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and any funds in excess of expenses go back into the organization to further the mission of empowering girls.

Q. What if I want to join a club but can't afford the registration fee?
A. We are actively seeking sponsors and donations in order to offer membership scholarships so no girl is turned away due to her financial situation. If you would like to donate to our scholarship fund, click here.

Q. What do I get with my membership?
A. Membership covers your quarterly club meetings for one year, entry to your club's group chat on Instagram hosted by AGF, and an Authentic Girl journal in your choice of style and color. 

Q. Why is journaling a part of the meetings?
A. Research shows that journaling is good for your mental health. It helps you keep in touch with your emotions, sort through issues, and stay focused on your goals. It helps reduce stress, reinforces learning, and can give rise to inspiration and creativity. Following the guest speaker talks and small group discussions, Club Members take some quiet time to reflect on all they've heard and discussed and write in their journals. 

Q. I want to become a Club Member but I don't know of any clubs in my area. What can I do?
A. Start a club! If you are a girl between the ages of 13-22, you can apply to become a Club President and start an Authentic Girl Club. Starting a club is a great way to learn skills in leadership, communication, and event planning, all while earning volunteer hours and valuable experience for college applications and resumes. You will be assigned an AGF Team Member who will help guide and support you through the whole process so you learn how to run a fun and informative club. To learn more about starting an Authentic Girl Club, click here.

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