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Authentic Girl Talk


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Join Us Every Saturday for #AuthenticGirlTalk!

We post a question to our Instagram feed every Saturday at 9:00am PST, and we engage in real conversation with every person who comments! We sign off at Midnight PST and the post stays open until Sunday 3:00pm PST - then the post is closed and all comments are hidden for privacy. This is a safe space, and we talk about things that matter! Join us!

What Girls Are Saying About #AuthenticGirlTalk:

“I have been a follower of this account for a while and have participated in many of the weekend talks. I love the positive impact it has made on many people’s lives as testified in the comments.” @so.lo17 

"I think it's so cool how this account supports girls in every way and how it asks questions every Saturday. And I love how they answer back to everyone and ask questions about the situation." @bre._anna.13 

"I come to social media for comfort after a hard day, and that’s exactly how I found the Authentic Girl Instagram account. It’s a place for girls to go when they feel isolated, so they can be heard." @shrimpgorlll 

“I love the purpose of your organization and I think it’s super important to spread positivity on social media.” @daliaaadaliaaa 

"I really love the message that Authentic Girl is putting out into the world. I find it very empowering." @paigeypop_22 

"#AuthenticGirlTalk is a safe place." @perfectlygrace 

"Best account on Instagram." @briella.1 

"I am so glad I found this account!" @addie.mae.1234 

"The Authentic Girl Talks have prompted really interesting conversations, and even inspired me to start my first psychology class early. It was the Authentic Girl Talks that really made me fall in love with AG." @katietramontana 

"I have participated in every #AuthenticGirlTalk since I started following this account." @andreagraysen

"I love what Authentic Girl is doing for girls and inspiring them! I also love participating in the talks." @dariana.marii 

"The talks are so meaningful to me and make me feel that I have a safe space to communicate with other girls who are going through similar things as me." @graciecrocker02 

"#AuthenticGirlTalk always cheers me up seeing girls share and support each other." @lilly_eliz  

"I love this account! I'm always involved in the girl talks. I love the mission Authentic Girl is spreading!" @whale_lover_157