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Ambassador Program

Thanks for your interest in becoming an Authentic Girl Ambassador!

As an Ambassador, you'll represent Authentic Girl on social media, at school, and in your community; you'll be connected to other Authentic Girl Ambassadors online; and you'll have the chance to earn qualified volunteer hours for school clubs, college applications, and job resumes! Plus, you'll receive product discounts! Here's how: 


  • As an approved Ambassador, you'll include the Authentic Girl Instagram handle @authenticgirlorg in your bio so others can click on it and visit our account! (Your IG account is not required to be public.) 
  • Once you've added the handle, we'll welcome you in our stories so our community can meet you!
  • Next, you'll be added to your designated Ambassador Group Chat on Instagram hosted by Authentic Girl, where you can meet and support like-minded girls!
  • From there, you'll become an active participant in our posts and stories by liking, commenting, and sharing our content so we can reach more girls! (Pro Tip: Turn on Post Notifications so you know when we've posted and can interact with the post as soon as possible - this helps boost the post and reach more girls!)

How to Earn Qualified Volunteer Hours:

As an approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Authentic Girl has the authority to sign for volunteer hours for students. Ambassadors who are interested in earning volunteer hours for school clubs, college applications, and job resumes, will receive our promotional flyer packet. Once you receive the flyers, you'll distribute them at school and in your community to help spread the word about our organization and programs:

At School:

  • Students: Hand out flyers to any students who might be interested in starting an Authentic Girl Club. Talk to them about us and how our local clubs work.

  • Staff: Speak to school staff such as the Activities Director, Guidance Counselors, and any teachers in charge of special activities about our organization and the programs we offer, including clubs and our annual scholarship program. 

In Your Community: 

  • Community Boards: Post flyers on community boards around town. Examples of establishments with community boards include coffee shops (e.g., Starbucks), grocery stores (e.g., Whole Foods), restaurants (e.g., Panera Bread); local libraries, etc.
  • Special Gatherings: Know about an event where girls ages 13-22 and/or their parents are gathering? Bring a stack of flyers to hand out, or give to someone in charge of the event to distribute for you. 

The promotional flyer packet will include a Volunteer Hours Log Sheet to be filled out by the Ambassador and signed by a parent/guardian before sending back to Authentic Girl for a signature. To request a packet, send an email to: and include your name and mailing address.

Product Discounts:

All approved Ambassadors will receive a special discount code for 50% off all journals on our website! No purchase is necessary to participate as an Authentic Girl Ambassador.

Ready to apply to become an Ambassador? Fill out the application here! Application is currently closed as our program is full. To be placed on a waiting list, please send an email to:

Have questions? Email us: