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6 Benefits of Journaling

We’ve probably all spent time doodling away in a journal, whether it was a plain notebook or a brightly colored diary with a tiny lock and key. It may have been some time since you poured out your feelings about an interaction you’d had that day, but it’s never late to take pen to paper again — or to start journaling for the first time!

Authentic Girl Co. is dedicated to helping girls be true to themselves, and we know that journaling is a great way to help them thrive. In today’s blog, we’ll be exploring a few of the benefits journaling can offer the important girl in your life. Read on to learn more!

Improve Reading and Writing Skills

One of the clearest benefits of journaling is an improvement in communication skills. For younger kids, a personal daily journal can help them practice spelling and reading, and older girls can hone their writing skills and learn how to best express their thoughts. It’s a fun, unstructured activity that they can explore on their own, but the skills they gain with this at-home writing practice can also be applied to schoolwork!

Reduce Stress

If you’ve ever felt a sense of relief after writing an emotional journal entry about a tough moment during your day, then you’re not alone. Regular journaling can reduce stress — there was even a scientific study that showed journaling 15 to 20 minutes a day just a few times each month can lead to physical signs of relief like lower blood pressure. A personal daily journal can provide an outlet to express overwhelming emotions, a tool to identify stressors, and a place to strategize how to handle tough situations in the future.

Better Manage Mood and Mental Health

Whether the special girl in your life is a moody teenager like any other or she’s struggling with mental health concerns like anxiety or depression, a daily personal journal can help. It can be a place where your favorite writer can track her mood or symptoms of poor mental health and look for triggers of “bad days.” Over time, it can help her better manage her health and improve her mood and well-being.

Improve Emotional Health

We all experience a lot of emotions as we’re growing up, and they can be overpowering and hard to handle without a place to express them. Journaling creates that space! Girls can stay in touch with their feelings, including their wants and needs, and practice mindfulness. It can also strengthen their objectivity when they write out tough situations and have a chance to better understand the perspectives of others.

Practice a Positive Attitude

Journaling is a strong self-care strategy in many ways. Not only does the girl you gift a personal daily journal to have a chance to write out the events of each day, but she can also practice positive habits like gratitude. Expressing gratitude has been shown to have many great physical and mental benefits! A pretty journal can also create space for her to practice positive self-talk and self-love.

Improve Memory

Writing down the events of the day is a great memory exercise! That’s one reason why people of all ages can benefit from journaling! Similar to taking notes in class, dedicating time to a personal daily journal can help keep your mind sharp and improve your attention to detail.

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